The male or female [post card ver]


The Male or Female

It all started with the question whether the fried chicken sold in convenience stores had a soul. It was supposed to hold the same amount of information of life as the other animals, but it seemed to me like a substance whose vital information had been deleted, just about to be consumed. I wondered why there is so much discrepancy between a chicken that is grown for ornamental purposes and another that will eventually become food.

With that in mind, I inquired Professor Tsuzuki, from Livestock Breeding and Genetics Lab, of Hiroshima University, how much information about the living chicken could be obtained from the fried chicken's DNA. According to the professor, the amount of information that can be retrieved from the DNA of a chicken is extremely lower than that of mammals. He also told me that one thing that can be immediately identified is the gender.

The gender is one of the topmost elements among the so many identities that a living thing has, and that is why it is immediately identifiable.

He says that the thing called gender was born from the instinct of leaving descendants and preserving the species, in order to reduce the risk of its annihilation. The gender exists from a much earlier date than species or nationality, and is the foremost thing to be recognized.

The fact that sometimes I care about the origin and brand of the chicken meat I casually buy and eat, and had almost never thought about its gender was a curious blind spot. This postcard book helps us to rethink about the chicken's gender, which is constantly forgotten. I would like you to read it along with the notebook used in the gender identification experiment from DNA, carried out for this postcard.


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