We collected iPhone Home screens from people of various generations and occupations, and published them in this book form.

Seeing people playing with their smartphones in a train had already become a casual daily scenery. This scene occurred an interest to us in what is displayed in each of their smartphone Home screens, and it also became the start of this project. The screen of smartphone that everyone cannot do without is a private space closed to the public, and we can imagine the owner’s character, interests, concerns, and what he/she is thinking through the screen.

Since it is situated very close to each of us, it might be possible to say something that is quite similar to the fragments of the era are unconsciously recorded in each Home screen. We preserved these existences which transform and disappears every day by extracting in the static form of a book. We hope this book to be an archive reflecting contemporary realities of peoples and to remain as an extracted memory of the present era.

Editorial and Planning : Mio I-zawa and Yurie Hata
Art Direction and Design : Yurie Hata
Translation : Miki Hayashi
Bookbinding : Kato Seihon
Cover Photo : PIXTA https://pixta.jp/photo/30635746
Special thanks to everyone who offered their iPhone Home screens to us. 

Mio I-zawa http://iimio.com/
Yurie Hata http://hatayurie.com/

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企画・編集 飯沢未央、畑ユリエ
アートディレクション・デザイン 畑ユリエ
翻 訳 林みき
製 本 加藤製本
協 力 iPhoneのホーム画面をご提供頂いたみなさま
iPhoneホーム画面収集期間 2016/10 ~ 2017/8
Mio I-zawa http://iimio.com/
Yurie Hata http://hatayurie.com/

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